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A Description of Balboa
The original Balboa is a hybrid of the Charleston, Jig Trot, Swing and appropriated steps from the 1920's Collegiate Shag.  Balboa is mainly a closed position swing form, that uses very little break-away's, only a few turns, and usually fast footwork.

There were a few different styles of Balboa such as the:
1) "Swing-Bal." (Has some swing steps / Breakaways thrown in, uses swing timing, to be clear... not shag timing, but does have some converted shag patterns).
2) Slow Balboa (similar to Rhumba), that is very, very smooth!.
3) and "Fast Balboa" that is any style you happen to know, done real fast ... LOL :).
4) Bal-Hop or the Balboa Hop was the original name, which originally was more similar to Collegiate Shag.
5) Plus there is Single Bal, Double Bal and Thriple Bal (Swing Rhythm) to mix.

Balboa Music
Balboa is built on smooth, tight footwork and is ideal for fast tempos. It is also very adaptable and can be performed to slow music as well.

History of Balboa
The Balboa was named after the location of its inception, the Balboa Peninsula, southern California. It evolved in the 1920’s from a number of popular dances of the day (Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Swing etc.). It is an 8-count dance done in closed (“Pure Bal) or open (“Bal-Swing) position. Characterized by an upright position, a body “pulse, and elaborate footwork, it’s most often danced at high speeds although it can be enjoyed at all tempos.


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